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2017 Tianchang Staff Skills Competition

2017-07-11 17:45:39

        By the "Tianchang City Council, Tianchang City People's Bureau, Tianchang City Bureau of Education, Tianchang City Federation of Trade Unions, Tianchang City Radio Station, Tianchang City Talent Office" jointly organized the "2017 Tianchang City staff skills competition", in 2017 May 18 - May 19 period, in the Tianchang Industrial School successfully concluded. Tianxiang Group participated in the three competition projects "car processing technology, maintenance of electrical, welding technology" in the "car processing technology and maintenance of electrical" two contest two prize, the winner is the public technology "Lu Jinlong And Zhang Hengquan ". In this regard, the Group to the two employees to extend my sincere congratulations, to congratulate them in the work of the future continue to carry forward the spirit of artisans, excellence, more on the floor; and to point to face, and actively play a role model.